Digi-Tail Emergency Care Consent Form

Emergency Care Consent Form

Authorization to Emergency Provide Care

I, the undersigned, certify that I am the owner, or an authorized agent for the owner, of the pet listed above. I hereby authorize Tell Tail Veterinary Urgent Care, the doctor on duty, and the staff to perform medical services including diagnostics, procedures, treatments, medical care, nursing care, surgical care, emergency care, and/or administration of extra-label medications within accepted veterinary guidelines as deemed advisable and/or necessary for my pet. I also understand that no guarantee of successful treatment can be made.

Emergency care may include:

  • Oxygen support
  • IV catheter placement
  • Injections for pain, diuretic, or other stabilizing medications
  • Diagnostics such as ultrasound or blood testing
  • Aspiration of fluid from the chest or abdomen
  • CPR including chest compressions, intubation, and respiration

A staff member will provide you with updates as soon and as often as is reasonably possible. A doctor will speak with you as soon as they are able.

*Please note a deposit will be taken for the pre-authorized amount/exam

Authorization for Life-Saving Treatments

Authorization and Risk Assessment

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